ARSENiK-Self Control (Album Review)

Ed. Note: This site is slowly going to become the place to check for underground hip-hop albums. My own tape landed last week on both Bandcamp and iTunes. I have spent close to a year working on this project and have been seeking reviews. I sent it off to a friend of the site, Rome D’Carlo. He has a great journalistic voice and I believe you may be seeing more of his writings posted here […]


Jamison Bethea-Drum Breaks and Broken Strings (Album Review)

Jamison Bethea. A multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter, MC, etc. etc. etc. The list goes on and on of what this man can singlehandedly accomplist. But I’m only here to talk about one of them. That’s his album Drum Breaks and Broken Strings. It’s an album that encaspulates you in this world of the music that’s playing. When it’s playing, there’s nothing else going on except what’s playing. He captures your attention with crisp, clean guitar tracks layered […]

Eddy B

Review: Eddy B – Hopeless Act

Arsenik: We got an early look at Eddy B’s mixtape HopeLess Act that dropped earlier today and our contributor Quay put together a review just for y’all to read so you can know what to expect going in. So go and listen to the tape and read along with Quay and comment below with your thoughts! ” When your dreams don’t line up with your hopes, you should hope less and act more. That’s the […]


Album Review: C Pitt – The Pitt Stop

I found it fitting that Drake released his single, “Started from the Bottom,” the same week I received C Pitt’s latest offering, The Pitt Stop, for review. Where Drake is the star rapper spinning tales of turning prior struggles into stories of current successes, C Pitt is the rapper on the grind who is still trying to find his way to the top of the rap game. It is that difference in worlds which stands […]


Placeholder Post #1

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